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~Pageant Leadership~
Lady Jane Mason
    To create a sisterhood of young ladies who, through hard work and
    dedication, aspire to reach levels of academic and social excellence,
    while developing as local ambassadors and leaders.

    To guide the young ladies in this growth process of improving their
    interpersonal communication skills, their ability to articulate their
    ideas, showcase their talent, and present their own unique style,
    while representing the Florida Azalea Festival Pageant with dignity
    and honor.

    Through classes and workshops, we build a confident, disciplined,
    responsible, intellectual and persistent generation of youth who seek
    to impact their community in a positive way by developing their
    own self worth.
Lady Jane is a real Georgia Peach, a
true Southern Lady. She began her
career in Jacksonville, Florida, with the
FBI, and retired as the Postmaster in
Palatka, Florida. She began playing as
the pianist for her church in Pavo,
Georgia, which is near Thomasville, at
the age of eleven. In recent years, she
has performed solos at San Marco
Square in Venice, Italy, and at the
Queen Victoria Building in Sydney,
Australia. Today, she serves God as
the pianist at Bostwick Baptist Church,
and is also a Bible Study leader. She
writes, composes, sings, and records
her own musical creations, in addition
to her wonderful works of art. She has
always been creative and has painted
in all mediums, with her favorite being

Jane has studied under several
outstanding artists, and studied with
Mr. Hershall Stallard, a well-known and
respected artist in Northeast Florida.
Jane has won hundreds of awards for
her art through many organizations,
including the Woman's Club of Palatka.
Her art and her music are proudly
displayed and listened to in many
businesses, homes, libraries, and
galleries throughout the South. She is
married to Captain Marty Mason and
has two children, Jill and Justin, and
four grandchildren.
Jane Mason