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~Pageant Leadership~
Linda Brent
    To create a sisterhood of young ladies who, through hard work and
    dedication, aspire to reach levels of academic and social excellence,
    while developing as local ambassadors and leaders.

    To guide the young ladies in this growth process of improving their
    interpersonal communication skills, their ability to articulate their
    ideas, showcase their talent, and present their own unique style,
    while representing the Florida Azalea Festival Pageant with dignity
    and honor.

    Through classes and workshops, we build a confident, disciplined,
    responsible, intellectual and persistent generation of youth who seek
    to impact their community in a positive way by developing their
    own self worth.
Linda graduated from the University of
Tennessee Center of Health Sciences
as the Outstanding Student of her
class and went on to become the
Director of the University of Tennessee
Center of Health Sciences Program of
Radiologic Technology. While serving
in this capacity, Linda received several
awards/acknowledgments for her
dedication to her students and to her
professsion. She served on
boards/committees on local, state,
national, and international levels.
Linda participated in the research and
development of Positron Emission
Technology known today as PET
Scanning. This was a partnership
between the University of Tennessee
and Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

Linda married, moved to Florida and
had one daughter who is the light of
her life. Settling into life in Florida,
Linda became a Radiologist Assistant
for Dr.s McClow, Clark, and Berk from
who she retired after 20 years.

Linda then became one of the first 200
in the US to become certified as a
Breast Patient Navigator and worked at
Putnam Community Medical Center.

Linda has worked her entire adult life
for the improvement of her fellow man
and to make life easier for all.

Her involvement in the Azalea Festival
pageant is much the same. Linda
wants to show the participants that
they can make their life better by
learning a few life skills. Linda is
available and willing to help all
participants in any way they need or
want to become better contributing
members of their family and community.